What is A Dual Mining Rig That Can Mine CKB+HNS at the Same Time?

Recently, many friends have gained a deeper understanding of mining, mining equipment, and revenue through the evaluation video.Our ZEUSMINING mining community is getting stronger and stronger, and our friends are also looking forward to the new test video. ZEUSMINING evaluates the mining machine that ranks third in mining revenue recently. It is called the newest machine king. Its electricity bill accounts for 2%, and its daily net income is as high as 900 yuan.


This mining machine is called Toddminer Combo. What’s more remarkable is that it can mine CKB and HNS at the same time. Miners can get two incomes. HNS mining income can cover the entire electrical and mechanical expenses, and CKB mining income is net. Profit. According to official data, the CKB mining machine’s computing power can reach 15T. The power consumption is 2250W, and the mining HNS computing power can get 600G, and the power consumption is 450W. According to the official data, let’s compare the comparison between Combo and the previous generation CKB mining machine C1 Pro.

Product Parameter

Product nameC1 ProCombo
Computing power3TH/s15TH/s+600GH/s
Power consumption2450W2250W+450W
Daily production value177yuan923yuan
Daily net income157yuan901yuan
Static payback cycleAbout 153 daysAbout 75 days
The output value is calculated about CKB, HNS prices, and network difficulty on March 18, and the electricity bill is estimated at 0.34 yuan/kWh.

Compared with the C1 Pro mining machine, Combo CKB’s computing power is increased five times, and the unit power consumption is only 18% of C1 Pro’s. And the additional HNS computing power is added, the performance is significantly improved, and the fixed payback period is shortened by 78 days. The Combo mining machine ran out of CKB computing power 18.15T, HNS computing power 650G, and power consumption data of 2703W, which performed better than official data through the measured data.

Technical characteristics

Combo adopts 12nm technology and has outstanding advantages. CKB power consumption ratio is 150W/T, HNS power consumption ratio is 750W/T. Compared with C1 Pro, both computing power and power consumption are significantly improved. The Combo is currently the only one in the market supporting simultaneous dual CKB professional mining machines for mining.

It is worth mentioning that this miner also has a low power consumption mode. The optimal power consumption ratio of CKB can reach 125W/T. The low power consumption mode is enabled under extreme market conditions and can run for 4-5 years. Overall, Combo is a worthy mining machine.

This evaluation focuses on information sharing, not as any purchase and investment advice if you are interested in mining machines or mining, welcome to visit our website



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