Does the bzz coin have investment value? How to mine bzz coin mining? When will bzz coin go online?

As the markets of IPFS, Filecoin and Chia gradually expand and achieve popular results; people are paying more and more attention to the development prospects of the distributed storage network project market. Recently, Swarm, a “king-of-king class” distributed storage network project, quickly entered people’s field of vision and gained recognition. So what is the origin of the Swarm project, what benefits it can generate, and what its prospects are, let’s take a look!

What is Swarm?

First of all, let’s learn about this V God endorsement. As a leading Swarm in the research and development of distributed storage project application technology, it is a decentralized practical application that provides content storage and distribution services for Swarm node users. At the beginning of 2015, Swarm was founded and promoted by Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin in collaboration with Gavin Wood and Jeffrey Wilcke, and the Ethereum Foundation hosted the project development. It can be said that Swarm is one of the Ethereum projects, and the technology discussion and future vision of Ethereum during the same period of Internet development.

With the Internet web3.0 era approach, the realization and application of distributed storage projects can be realized more stably. In this situation, more and more technology companies realize the importance of distributed storage projects and actively invest funds. Scientific research and development and project experiments are carried out under the technical cost, which has achieved high configuration, high bandwidth, and high efficiency of network data exchange. This gradual maturity can allow storage resources, bandwidth resources, and computing resources to support related applications based on the Ethereum network. It can be said that the Swarm project is a king-level project that has undergone long-term technical discussion and project polishing, following the development of the Internet Web3.0 era, and has a mature concept and operation and maintenance system.

Swarm and Ethereum

As part of the Ethereum project, Swarm can exist in the original ecological public chain of Ethereum. Swarm has its own independent ecological public chain and can generate links with the Ethereum network public chain. The two together assist in promoting joint development. . It can be said that Swarm is a critical project that the Ethereum Foundation will focus on in the future. Its significance is the same as that of Ethereum, and it is kindly called the “Son of Ethereum” in the industry. Ethereum is currently the most mature application of blockchain projects. Swarm provides a more friendly way of participation and development for the development, promotion, and promotion of the project itself and the improvement of Ethereum. Any developer in Ethereum can realize the decentralized data storage function in the distributed storage network through the independently operated Swarm project, no longer relying on external ecology for services, based on its system, and more secure and stable.

What is the use of Swarm?

Swarm has always maintained the application and development of distributed storage networks from inception to the mature application of technology. It is committed to advancing the Web3.0 era of Internet decentralization, improving the status quo of Internet development, and promoting the development of the Internet in the new era. The future development of the Internet and the development of digital finance will inevitably require stability, security, and privacy. A mature, complete, decentralized, and distributed storage application is urgently needed to achieve this requirement. Swarm has robust, point-to-point content storage and retrieval service with comprehensive technology and complete content. The Swarm network can optimize the configuration and reasonable balance for the consumers and service providers of the Swarm project node. Swarm uses the public chain network to make small amounts. Incentive mechanisms such as payment and smart contracts promote the Swarm network’s ecological construction and configuration optimization and the Ethereum network.

Swarm and BZZ coins

The Swarm project uses high-quality protocols and technologies in the Ethereum blockchain and has a complete and unique incentive system. The currency of the incentive system is BZZ coins. The BZZ coin is implemented in the operation of the Swarm network in the three parts of Swap, Swear, and Swindle. These three essential components are closely related to each other, promoting the exchange and transfer of resource data value.

Principle of BZZ coin mechanism

BZZ currency is a functional service currency of Swarm, which can be used in Swarm and Ethereum and can be used for bandwidth and storage rewards in the Swarm network. According to official information, the total issuance of BZZ coins will be 62.5 million after the official launch. The release mechanism is not locked. It is expected that the mainnet will be launched in the second quarter of this year, and BZZ coins will be launched on three significant exchanges…

How to mine BZZ coins

The small partners in the currency circle only need one truth, and the secondary market will never have the stability, security, and convenience of the primary market. At present, the Swarm project airdrops millions of BZZ for verification and optimization of the Swarm1.0 mainnet, increasing the number of active nodes and collecting community feedback. Users who own the Bee node of the Swarm network data node need to inject test tokens to mine BZZ coins. Because the current Swarm airdrop has specific requirements for configuration and bandwidth requirements, few corporate users can effectively obtain BZZ currency checks on the market. A minimal number of top technology companies can achieve effective node QBee and obtain BZZ coins. Through the professional technical team and the cluster solution, large-scale construction of Qbee nodes and effective data exchange can be realized. A single Qbee node can generate 2~3 BZZ currency checks every day, and BZZ currency checks can obtain BZZ coins through a corresponding proportion. I don’t know how much money I will lose when the mining period is one hour late, and everyone in the currency circle knows the stakes.

At present, the swarm BZZ coin mainnet will be launched soon, and the airdrop will end shortly. According to the actual situation, we know that the BZZ coin futures price is around 4000 USD. Since the mainnet line mining needs to pledge BZZ coins, BZZ will be the first time. The currency source can only be millions of BZZ coins in the airdrop phase, which means that when the mainnet goes live, the number of BZZ coins in the whole network is minimal and limited. The price of BZZ futures is currently 20,000+. If you can seize this opportunity in the future, What will you be like?

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