BILL Bill: How to understand the BILL Bill mining mechanism

Many investors must be very familiar with the field of encrypted digital currency. In this field, they will exchange their experience about mining. After all, if you only have one mining machine, there is a high probability of digging for treasure. It can realize “turning stones into gold” and obtain huge benefits. So many people are very excited. This is a rare opportunity for wealth. So what is the most popular mining choice for most miners now, Bill Code!

Bitcoin mining is different from other mechanisms. This is because the POW consensus chain has a natural defect. This defect requires a considerable computing power base for Bitcoin mining. For absenteeism, if there is no professional mining equipment, Bitcoin mining requires a lot of electricity, which means that this operation will increase the cost of mining, which will cause the mining cost-benefit to exceed the profit, and ultimately affect the balance of payments, so this method is not advisable.

Of course, among the Bitcoin projects, the BILL Code project itself is the leader. Bill Code uses the node’s local hard disk as a consensus participant and issues incentive encryption economic tokens based on the CPC: Conditioned Proof Of Capacity mechanism. This makes it possible to significantly reduce energy consumption and entry barriers, making the mining of cryptocurrency safer and more decentralized, so it can not only meet the mining needs of every miner but also provide safe storage for everyone Ability, so BILL does not have very high requirements for mining machines. It does not require you to get a high-performance mining machine at a high cost. All you have is a hard disk with high storage space. This method is obviously better than other methods because it can improve mining efficiency, so it is very effective, and the low configuration requirements also allow more people to mine.

   In addition to the CPC mining mechanism, Bill Code will also have a unique liquidity mining mechanism. Liquid mining means that users can use their BILL to pledge for mining. You only need to pledge a portion of BILL to mine more BILL rewards online, similar to receiving deposit interest from a bank. Therefore, as long as you are a participant of BILL, even if you don’t have BILL mining equipment, you can join the mining pool of liquid mining.

And we can also see through the distribution mechanism that the CPoC mining mechanism generates 50 BILLs every 10 minutes, while the liquid mining pool produces 40 BILLs every 10 minutes. This method not only removes the hardware technical barriers but also improves the participation of liquid mining. When such participation can increase, we will compare the mining output of the two. In this case, We can easily find that the two will form a virtuous circle of mutual incentives between the mining pool and the market. Such a virtuous circle is conducive to absenteeism and mining, especially for absenteeism, guaranteeing this kind of mining. Sustainability.

There is also another way. This method is CPoC mining + liquidity mining. The CPC mining + liquidity mining method will be the best way to balance the output of the mining area and the BILL currency market. It is also very beneficial for the development of absenteeism. It may also be the basis for all participants to build a mining pool and conduct BILL mining together.

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